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Looney Tunes in 2010

Totally awesome. Looks like Looney Tunes, with it’s zany Coyote and the rapid Road Runner are set to come out on the Cartoon Network, fully updated for 2010, and to promote it, the publisher is running 3 three minute shorts in theater’s. Here’s a sneak preview of one:

Can’t wait to see them in their full “updated for 2010” glory!

Bigger Stronger Faster

I just watched a documentary called “Bigger Strong Faster” while on the plane ride home from a funeral.

It was an interesting commentary on the effects of steroids inside a family, but also on the effects of steroids on the whole American culture… or maybe it was the effects of the American culture on the use of steroids.

Well written and directed documentary, that I’d encourage everyone to watch.

$17 for the DVD from Amazon.

Hitler as the Aggie Coach


Fifth Element + No More Sorrow

One of my favorite movies with one of my favorite songs:

New Media Douchebags


Fifty People, One Question: New York

Great concept. Great question. Great video:

Fifty People, One Question: New York from Crush & Lovely on Vimeo.

George W. Bush endorses John McCain and Sarah Palin

This is priceless:

Did you vote yet? I did.

Go vote.


This movie looks amazing:

High Volume Email Deployers Clitoriuses

I love this:

And the funny thing is I know the guy being made fun of pretty well. I’d never have agreed to do this interview if I were him…