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Thankful for entrepreneurs…

Stolen from facebook:

A boss plans, organizes, and coordinates. A leader inspires, motivates, and galvanizes. A visionary perceives an improved reality.

An entrepreneur does all of the above under great personal risk and sacrifice knowing for certain that they will never received praise or acknowledgement and having only the slightest possibility of ever receiving any financial reward.

True entrepreneurs are an economic and psychological anomaly. We do it for the thrill of the hunt and the adrenaline of the game. We do it to maximize of locust of impact to have a meaningful impact for our fellow men. We do it to find out if we can.

All of us should be grateful, as I am, that entrepreneurs continue to take unimaginable risks at illogically insane personal sacrifice to strive towards the vision of building meaningful improvements for us all. I can assure you that those who believe the government could ever do this have never really known a true entrepreneur.

Yes, thank God for entrepreneurs!

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Mark Cuban’s Investment Advice for 2006

If there is only one article you read this year on investments, read this one from Mark Cuban. It’s the one article I took time to read today…

Tips For Putting An Offer on A Home

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BigCo’s and stock ownership

Excellent post here: No one asked me, but…

“I wonder how a CEO who just sold a couple of million dollars worth of his or her company’s stock can look at a potential customer with a straight face and say “do business with us.” How can you ask for confidence in your organization when you’ve just demonstrated a significant lack of it? After all, “diversification” is simply a polite way to say that your money is at less risk — or can grow faster — somewhere else. When you’ve bailed out why should someone bail in?”

Makes me feel better that some of my executive officers are actually buying more stock in my company as the stock price goes up than selling it…

Got a kid and planning investments

Do you have a little one in the family?

Have you thought about how you’re going to afford college for him/her? If you’re thinking about how to best save/invest for your child’s future, I’d highly recommend you read this Ask Metafilter post on investing for children.

The wife and I haven’t figured out how we’re going to save for our little Jack yet, but we’re planning on having a formal plan set in stone that we’ve started executing before his first birthday, which is November 23rd. I’ll report back on what we decide once I know how we’re going to invest/save for his future.