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Cleaning out the closet – part III

Just in time for some eBay Christmas shopping, I’ve posted another 9 items on eBay. I’ve still got more stuff to put online, but I can only take writing up eBay discriptions for so long before I’ve got to take a break…

update: Added four more items to eBay tonight:

eBay: Slowly Getting Rid of More Stuff

I sold everything but the Belkin Universal Headset from my last round of eBay items, so, I’m reinvesting some of my fees in a few more listings. If you’re interested, here are a few things I’ve listed tonight:

update: I put three more items up for auction tonight:

Turns out, I think I can comfortably list about 10 items a night, if I have them lined up and have taken all of the photos… but I can’t clean out my closets that fast šŸ˜‰


If you’re a geek like I am… you’d probably be interested in these items I just put on eBay:

The opening bid prices for each of these items is $0.99 so take a look… they all need a good home.

Still cleaning out the closets

I had time to add five more auctions in eBay tonight:

  • Wacom Intuos3 6×8 Graphics Tablet – Professional Graphics Tablet for artists, photograpers, and doodlers.
  • Valeo 4″ Weight-lifting Belt – I honestly can’t believe I actually bought this… I don’t think I ever needed it… I wasn’t lifting that much weight… heh.
  • Corel Painter IX – The latest version of Corel Painter (great software) in a sealed unopened box. Full retail software here folks, that normally sells for $400 or so.
  • Belkin Laptop/Notebook Backpack – great little padded backpack for a laptop or notebook computer.
  • Apple M8209LL/A AirPort Base Station – A little dated, sure, but it’s a good Airport Base Station that was a workhorse for me for the past 3+ years… I upgraded to an Airport Express recently, so this guy needs a home.

Bid if you’re interested, and look forward to my listing of my Apple Newton 120 Message Pad (with charging station) sometime in the coming week if you’re looking to really own a piece of Apple history.

eBay: cleaning out my closet

I’ve got a bunch of stuff sitting around the house taking up space, not being used, and in need of a good home, so… I’ve decided to start selling stuff on eBay instead of donating it, or trashing it. My loss is your gain. Take a look if you see something you like:

I’m sure that I’ll be adding more this week and next, so you should bookmark my “search for auctions from me” page, in case I don’t update this website with a longer list.

Here’s a little theme music for you.

Silver iPod mini on eBay

A buddy of mine is selling his silver iPod mini on eBay… bidding ends Monday afternoon. If you’ve been looking for one and want to score it at a great price, take a look.

Some Macintosh games for sale

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to start cleaning out stuff that’s been sitting in the computer closet for too long, especially if I’ve never used it… so, I’m planning on putting things up for auction on eBay, with the goal of getting rid of them for good. If the items don’t sell (and I’m not looking to make a huge profit) then I’ll probably just give them to Goodwill in a large box of stuff each quarter.

The first round of stuff for sale happens to be some great games I picked up from Ron Dimant at MacPlay a year or so ago:

Fallout Ż
Knights & Merchants
Icewind Dale Ż
Heretic II
Aliens vs. Predator

If you’re interested, take a look… I think I listed them all for $.99 except one… like I said, I’m just trying to unload these to a wanting home…

I’ll likely be adding more every other day or so, so check my auctions frequently, or come back here to see what else I might have just listed.