CAN-SPAM allows P.O. Boxes

I run a marketing company today… and it surprises me how many times I get questions from our partners about CAN-SPAM.

It’s 2011. The law was passed in December 2003. The FTC released “new rules” to clarify parts of the regulation in 2008. Lawyers that specialize in marketing should know the law… but sadly many of them still don’t know it that well… (can you say Google?)

So, just to set the record straight: CAN-SPAM does allow a marketer to use a P.O. Box in the unsubscribe footer in an email marketing message.

Don’t believe me? See what the FTC has to say about it here. See #4. Couldn’t be more clear.

Disclaimer: I know CAN-SPAM well, but I’m not a lawyer, and I’m sure not your lawyer. Consult with them before you start marketing via email.

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