New WordPress Site – but I’m out of practice

I’ve been blogging since February 2002. At the time, I used PHPNuke to power my first blog:

In 2002, I found WordPress, and launched, as a blog that was seperate and distinct from my family blog.

Over the next few years, I had a decent amount of free time, and didn’t have kids, so I could spend a lot of time learning more about WordPress, themes and plugins, keep my PHP skillz honed, etc…

Then I “grew up” and started running departments, divisions, or companies for other people, and got paid really well, but I never got to spend time with WordPress anymore.

Thus, inluminent is still using the “K2” theme, is using one of the original themes that shipped with WordPress back in 2002, and StuffGeeksWant is running a theme that’s not very customized… at least has ads on it, but the design leaves little to inspire people, because I’ve been so busy with “other stuff”.

So, I’m launching a new site today: for Aggies everywhere to find and hopefully enjoy reading stories from other Aggies about their memories from their student years, or jog their memory about an old Campo they can’t quite remember…

But, I’m stuck on the “themes and plugins” that I should use, and how to customize them.

I’ll have to research those two things pretty well over the next couple of weeks, and maybe even take what I learn and upgrade all of my WordPress sites, to bring them into 2011…

Where should I start?

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