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Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve wanted to be a blacksmith. But not a regular blacksmith, making utiliarian things like horse shoes and what not… an artist… making jewelry or other gorgeous works of art.

I was inspired by Joe Eason, who was a family friend and owner of the Eason Insurance company in Houston, TX. Joe also owned a log cabin in Oak Hill, Texas, right outside of Bellville where I grew up. The Eason’s were famous for having a large fireworks display at their farm every summer, and people from all over would drive in and line Highway 159. which ran right in front of their land, just to watch the show.

Mr. Eason was a role model and hired my brother and I every winter to feed his cattle and buffalo. He also had his own smithy with a blacksmith’s forge in it, right outside his cabin, and that always inspired me.

I was reminded of this longtime dream today, when I saw these utensils on

Some day, I’d like to grow up to be a blacksmith. Someday.

Looney Tunes in 2010

Totally awesome. Looks like Looney Tunes, with it’s zany Coyote and the rapid Road Runner are set to come out on the Cartoon Network, fully updated for 2010, and to promote it, the publisher is running 3 three minute shorts in theater’s. Here’s a sneak preview of one:

Can’t wait to see them in their full “updated for 2010” glory!