Fingerprint Enabled Locks

The founder, Joshua Baer, of the last company I worked at had biometric locks on his house, or at least on parts of his house. And one day one of the broke. And he blogged, or twittered about it being broke, which got me to thinking, maybe I should look into some sort of biometric or fingerprint lock based system.

I mean who hasn’t lost their key to their house? We’ve had to call the locksmith out at least twice in the past three years because we’d lost the keys… And we’d already lost the key before we used the copy that was in the back yard under that special rock, so that when we really lock our keys, we had to break a window or call the locksmith: Note to self, don’t break the window in the room with the window break monitor, and then expect to be able to explain to the police why you have a locksmith at your house and a broken window šŸ˜‰

So anyways… We need a lock we can get into without a key, because I just don’t fit in the doggy door anymore.

I found a company that sells fingerprint locks and they have lots of options that I’m really interested in… how cool would it be for my kids to grow up without having to carry a key to their house with them?

I never did as a small kid, because we grew up in a small town and honestly didn’t lock our doors. In fact, I’m pretty sure my mom still doesn’t lock her doors… but in Austin, we have to. How cool would it be for the kids to grow up without keys? I’m sure one day they won’t have to carry keys at all. Now I’m all Jetsony…

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  • Outsourcing Sales

    i think that would be a really great innovation, you would just have to be sure that it worked well, there are a lot of cool new technology that would probably work great, but people just like the old stuff, because it works too and isn’t as costly.

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