Cheap Webhosting Comparisons

A friend of mine called me the other day, and asked “where can I host a cheap website?” He knows I have 20 or 30 websites that I run personally, and another 100 or so for work, so I’m his “in the know” guy.

I told him my personal websites were hosted at Dreamhost, but that I use one of the PS servers, due to load issues on my sites, so I wouldn’t qualify what I’m doing with Dreamhost as “cheap” even though it’s a fantastic value and that he should look at as I’ve heard that have a great list of the Best Cheap Web Hosting options available.

They have a great list of good cheap hosts, on their front page, but the real power of their site is their search engine of cheap web hosting companies and plans. I found a few good free plans for him: some really good ones in the $5/month range, and a bunch of good options in the under $10/month range. But they don’t stop with just “cheap” web hosting plans. They also have lots of dedicated server plans in their database too, which while I wouldn’t consider “cheap” per se, I value the ability to find all of the options available to me in one place.

I’ll definitely look at them if I ever need to find a cheap web host again.

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