Social Media is weird

If someone “friends” me on facebook, I usually just accept the request and move on. Sometimes people I really don’t know friend me… and I have no idea why. Take this recent facebook chat for example:

Charley: hi

John: hi there

Charley: you not talking to me for a wile

John: not for a long time

Charley: lol

John: do we actually know each other? I can’t remember…

Charley: hm…
Charley: no…/

John: so, why are we friends on facebook?

Charley: hm.. dont no

John: lol.
John: that’s classic.

Charley: so you wont to be m8s

John: we’ve never met
John: how could we me mates?

Charley: dont no up to u

John: lol

I unfriended him after that, btw.

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