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List of stuff my Leopard upgrade screwed up

I’ve been living with Leopard since the day it came out. Here’s a random list of things I’ve lost, or changed since I upgraded:

Mail Tags and Mail Act-On aren’t Leopard compatible. Mail Tags is being worked on right now, according to the developer… no public news on Mail Act-On (I don’t really use Mail Tags, but have relied heavily on Mail Act-On up to this point).

My iCal calendar was empty the day I upgraded. This isn’t good… I have no idea where everything went… will investigate how I can get it back… On Monday when I synced my iPhone, all of my calendars came back… I’m still not sure where they went for the first 24 hours post upgrade.

All of my Unsanity Haxies are busted… but Slava says they’re working on them… Will keep checking their compatibility matrix. Sadly, I think my Logitech Controller software uses the Unsanity APE to work… will have to check that on Monday (at the office) to be sure. I only say that because I can “enable” or “disable” their software using APE. [Later] My Logitech mouse worked at work on Monday… and Gruber confirmed for me that the LCC uses APE. Stupid if you ask me.

Amazingly Default Folder actually works faster/better under Leopard than it did in the past for me under Tiger (specifically the menu item extra is faster and more stable … wonder if that’s related to APE too?) I don’t think I’ve ever said it before, but I love, LOVE, Default Folder.

All of my printer drivers are gone… which is fine thanks to Bonjour, but it requires me to get up and go actually look at the model of the printer, so I can make sure the printer driver is set up properly.

I lost Saft in Safari (which was a life-saver for me in the way it let me close Safari without losing the tabs I had opened). And I don’t know why, but the “Pop-up Blocker” in Safari doesn’t work nearly as well as it did under Mac OS X 10.4 did… wonder what they changed/fucked up there. [Later] Looks like Haoli has already released an updated Saft for Leopard.

Also, for some reason, I can’t delete email out of some of my IMAP accounts:

I’ll have to ask Dreamhost about that, I guess…

I didn’t like the “glass shelf” Dock, so I used these commands to get rid of it in [via Gruber]. (instructions also available here):

$ defaults write no-glass -boolean YES
$ killall Dock

You can also change the “indicators” in the dock if you want, following these instructions.’s Junk-mail filtering died on me after the upgrade. It’s not really fair for me to blame Apple for my junkmail problems. I work for an anti-spam company, so, I get a lot of spam (we don’t stop any of it at the server-level… we actually like getting it at that level). That said, I don’t want it in my [email protected] email box, or my [email protected] box… or my personal work email in-box… so, it’s back to SpamSieve for me (which was better than Apple’s system in the first place, but when I moved from Mailsmith to Apple Mail (I needed IMAP) I tried going without SpamSieve… and for the most part, it worked. Looks like that’s over. (Honestly, I’ve always wished Apple provided more insight into what their “Junk Mail Filtering” actually did… like SpamSieve does).

All of the above said, I really like Leopard after using it for three or four days now. Definitely worth the upgrade now that most everything is back to normal.

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