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This won’t be a “cool, the iPhone came out today” post. This is a “sweet ass – I got an iPhone today” post.

My sorta-boss (he hired me, but was the founder of the company that got bought, and I now work for someone else, but he still helps me run my business) told me yesterday that I should come stand in line with him at the Apple Store for an iPhone. I figured that it’d be cool, but wasn’t sure I’d actually do it.

Then, this afternoon when he called and told me he was 13th in line at the AT&T store, I figured what the heck.

So, I stood in line for 4+ hours, sweated and got sunburnt and dehydrated, and persevered. And, I got one.

Let me just say it’s totally kick ass. It’s the best cell phone I’ve ever had, and I haven’t even done anything with it yet other than play with Google Maps and make one phone call. I’m psyched about getting it synced up (it’s syncing now) and really playing with it.

Good job Apple.

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Redirecting in without Redirecting (Command+Shift+D)

If you want to “redirect” an email that you get, so that it goes to someone else, without looking like a forward, but also has your return address instead of the original senders, use Command+Shift+D when using on Mac OS X.


I don’t know what this would really be called (it’s not a redirect but it’s close, and it’s not a forward, though that’s close too).

Pretty neat little trick.

Researching an HD Camcorder

Now that I own an HDTV, I’m seriously considering buying an HD Camcorder.

The problem I’m finding is that I really don’t want a full blown Camcorder. I own a Canon Elura 65, and we never use it. Primarily because the process of getting video off of it, takes a long as the video you shot, and if I have an hour of recording time, I’ll likely use it all up before I start importing.

When we record video with our little PowerShot point-and-shoot, I usually download it within a week or two of shooting, because the memory card gets full… so I usually edit it quickly and make a movie out of it for web use, or to put on our AppleTV (which I love by the way, just haven’t gotten a chance to post a review about it).

So, I’m looking for a good consumer quality, small sized, easy to use HD Camcorder that we’ll actually use a lot and carry with us all the time.

I’m partial to the new Canon TX1. It’s got the same form factor that we’re used to (we owned the first Canon Digital Eplh or Powershot S100 back when Canon first started making little digital cameras and have stuck with the brand since).

I’ve read this PowerShot TX1 Review by Digital Trends and also read the User Reviews and I’m almost sold.

My only problem is the amount of video that fits on one memory card. I’ve put together this little table to show the real amounts of HD video that’ll fit on the currently available SD cards on the market:

Recording Pixels Frame Rate 32 MB 128MB 512MB 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB
Price   ? ? ? $16 $20 $30 – $50 $65-$90
1280 x 720 pixels 30 6 sec 12 sec 1:42 3:24 6:48 13:36 13:36 x2*
1280 x 720 pixels 30LP 12 sec 50 sec 3:17 6:34 13:08 26:16 26:16 x2*
640 x 480 pixels 30 14 sec 58 sec 3:48 7:36 15:12 30:24 30:24 x2*
640 x 480 pixels 30 LP 26 sec 1:48 6:59 13:58 27:56 55:52 55:52 x2*
320 x 240 pixels 60 20 sec 1:21 5:17 10:34 21:08 42:16 42:16 x2*
320 x 240 pixels 30 35 sec 2:24 9:19 18:38 37:16 60 + 14:32* 60 x2*
*Max. Clip Size: 4 GB: Even if the clip size has not reached 4 GB, recording will stop at the moment the clip length reaches 1 hour. Depending on the storage capacity of the memory card and the speed at which the data is written, recording may stop before reaching 4 GB or 1 hour. And does anyone know the difference between 30 fps and 30LP fps?

The problem I see with the TX1 is that even with a 4GB or 8GB SD card, the most HD video you can get on a TX1 is a 13 1/2 minute clip. Is that a problem? I’m not sure.

I’m looking through my source video library, and the longest shots we’ve taken lately seems to be around 3-4 minutes… we just take a lot of them.

So, I’m tempted to buy the Canon Powershot TX1 from Amazon with 4x4GB SD cards (they’re cheaper than the 8GB models for sure). Good idea or not?

Would you recommend something else?

note: I’ve considered the current line of Sony HDD based HD Camcorders, but they don’t work with a Mac (the video doesn’t have sound on a Mac) so those are out. And I really don’t want another DV Tape based camera… .AVI files are much easier to work with for me, I’ve found…

Thanks in advance.