Monthly Archive for November, 2006

Beginners Guide to .htaccess

This one is for Frank: Beginners Guide to .htaccess


Word of the week: frigtards

I gotta figure out how to use this word spotted in a recent Daring Fireball ‘Jackass of the Week’ article:

frigtard – as in “socially maladjusted frigtards”.

Love it.

Don’t make a bad deal

Don’t make a bad deal – good advice about starting a business from Seth Godin.


Intelligent design of playlists

Intelligent design of playlists


New Apple Stuff in time for the Holidays

I just wanted to take a moment to recommend that you buy one of the new MacBook Pro’s, a new MacBook, or a new iPod shuffle for the holidays, if you’re shopping for a geek that’s looking for a new geeky item this winter.

I have an older MacBook Pro right now, and this thing is awesome. It’s soooo much faster than my old G4 PowerBook that it’s rediculous. I mean sick fast.

I use it everyday at work, and on the road, and I even run Windows on it inside a virtualization application called Parallels. With that combination, I use Outlook to manage my work email, and my work documents, which, actually also live harmoniously on my Mac OS side of the machine, so that I can work natively when I want to.

Apple’s really doing a great job with hardware right now, so take a look, these latest machines are truly awesome, and are not only some of the best laptops Apple’s ever built, they’re quite frankly some of the best laptops ever made, in general.