Monthly Archive for October, 2006

MagSafe Airline Power Adapter

Interesting. I went to the Apple Store to custom configure a new MacBook Pro now that they’ve gotten speed bumps, and include Firewire 800, and I saw this on the options that you can add-on:

A MagSafe Airline Power Adapter.

Looks like Apple’s building one now (finally) and they’re selling them as add-ons through their online store, but you can’t buy them individually yet.

Interesting though. Now, I’m wondering if all four of the stupid iGo power adapters I own will ever be useful again, or if I spent $600 on those things and will never use them again… figures. Apple and their damn proprietary parts.

I’m also curious: Is it “MagSafe” or “Magsafe”? You can see in the image above, Apple isn’t sure, either.

update: Looks like you can buy it online at the Apple Store. Found the link at TUAW.

Gave my father-in-law an old iBook

I gave my father-in-law an old iBook this weekend. It was a white iBook G3 with a 700MHz G3 processor and 640MB of RAM. He’s in love with it. Read his first post about the iBook here. Heh, I love it when you can introduce people to Macintosh…


12 Lessons for Those Afraid of CSS and Standards

12 Lessons for Those Afraid of CSS and Standards – Excellent article if you’re interested in this kind of stuff.


Microchip Cufflinks – great geek gift for Christmas at $50/pair. They’ve got lots of other cools cufflinks too.


Resetting a BlackBerry

Resetting a BlackBerry – last post, in this entry gives intructions for how to reset your BlackBerry to factory settings. Might be useful if you ever eBay your BlackBerry.


Album Covers Battle

Album Covers Battle – For anyone who spends time organizing their album art in iTunes, this is a must-must-see.