Why I’m done with eBay

Over Labr Day weekend, I went to Tahoe with a buddy to shoot a wedding. It was my first real paid photography gig. Mind you we weren’t getting paid in cash, but we were getting a free 4 day trip to Lake Tahoe over a long weekend. Regardless, the experience was awesome, and, upon my return, I was totally psyched about buying some new lenses for my camera, so that I could upgrade my craft.

(I’m totally sold on the idea that “the difference between a good photo and a great photo is good glass” now)

So, I headed over to eBay last Tuesday, and started bidding. I usually bid on items early in their auction lifecycle, so I can just check “My eBay” to see how the auction is progressing, and jump in at the last minute with my real highest bid, before the auction closes.

I’m not doing that anymore, and I’m totally done with eBay as a buyer at this point.

You might ask “why is that John?”

The reason I’m done with eBay is because on each of the auctions I was bidding, I didn’t win, and as a consequence, I received a “Second Chance” offer to buy the item after the auction closed because “the winning bidder couldn’t pay.”

On receipt of the first offer, I thought “wow, that’s cool, I got a great deal on that lens”. Realize my bid had been about $800 on a lens that retails for close the $1,800. I couldn’t believe I got to buy the lens.

So, I went to eBay by typing in the address into my browser, and logged into My eBay to check the auction there, and something weird was happening… I wasn’t able to find a way to pay for the item I’d “won” as a Second Chance winner…

So, I read through lots of help documents on eBay’s website, and I was pretty sure at that point I was the recipient of a phishing attack.

So, I forwarded the email to [email protected], and sure enough, it was an attack.

What was weird was the fact that the person phishing me knew exactly what I’d bid, and had emailed me at my eBay email address… and had sent me a very professional looking copy of an actual eBay “Second Chance” winner email offer.

I’d been duped.

Once, I can forgive, but, over the past week, I’ve gotten 20 or so “Second Chance” phishing emails. Sometimes two or three on each auction I’d been bidding on.

I forwarded them all to eBay, but somehow I just don’t trust that they’ll actually fix the problem, and I’m not going to put myself at risk by trying to buy something again… It’s just not worth the hassle or time. Not for big ticket items at least.

And the sad thing, is I was thinking of selling some football tickets I have for a game this year that I should be able to sell for a nice $200 or $300 profit per seat on eBay, but, now I’m totally thinking of selling those on something like StubHub instead.

Yeah, eBay, you’ve lost one customer… and that’s the problem. The domino’s start falling with one little push.

eBay really needs to lock down the bidding history and email addresses of their users better. I’m done with it.

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  • I am getting tired of receiving them too, I worry though that these folks are scamming so many people successfully it will never go away, too much money in it.

  • That is too bad. Ebay was a good thing. I used it for years. I even made some money off it. I have known (or suspected) for sometime now that it has become a scam magnet. The paypal service really draws them like flys. Not a week goes by that I get some official looking email telling me my paypal account is in trouble. I dont have a paypal account. Soon I may not have an ebay account either. Not going to file a new credit card with them. Dont trust doing business there.

  • I am not sure what camera you are using, but if it is Canon you should really hit up http://www.fredmiranda.com/ in the forum you will find a gear for sale section and it rocks and is VERY busy. the scam potential is also very low…


  • Yes the Ebay phishing crap is more common than I ever imagined. All I did was plac bid on a Honda. Then I recieved 15 second chance offers that had 15 different e-mail addresses. Ebay should not give out personal addresses by any means. Now in my personal e-mail I’m getting spoofs saying I have sucessfully listed items on Ebay and also saying transactions are complete. However there is no activity on MY Ebay or Paypal that is a very good thing. I’ve had it with all the crap! Law enforcement is a joke! I am even turning off my internet. Lar

  • I agree, I don’t think the attempts at scamming will ever end, there really is too much money in it which is a shame.

    Every day, I too get emails telling me I am now a PowerSeller and all I have to do is log in and confirm my invitation.

    Personally (and this is not an aff promotion), I use a program called Mailwasher which is like an email previewer and lets me preview all of my emails while they are on the web server before I download them to my pc. But as an added benefit, if there is a link in one of the emails, it actually shows me the true URL that it points to.

    This easily lets me see that the email is a fake and I can delete it without even having to download it to my PC.

  • eBay has really gone down hill over the past 2 years.

    There are so many scam artist using eBay it’s scary.

    I would not buy anything on eBay now, it’s just far too risky.

    • Are you the guy at Christian Mingle? they have blocked all communications linked to you…if you are check me out on Facebook at Tina Kaye…thanks!

  • Hi,

    Don`t you think, eBay need to clean up their act on these issues first before finding ways to make more and more money all the time?

    Later Ed.

  • Doesn’t Ebay own Stubhub?

  • Ebay is not the same as it once was.I stayed a way for a while. I did a lot of buying and selling at one point a few years back. I just logged on again for the first time in a couple of years and I can personally say that it’s not the same. the variety is less, the prices are higher and the fees are crazy. Yes…I too have been offered the 2nd chance offer. Its a dangerous place to shop these days. They went “too big” and it turned into a stepping stone for many crooks.I detest paypal as well and stay a way from it as much as possible. As a seller I am not protected at all. It is all in favor of the buyer so I warn anyone who wants to sell large ticket items on Ebay to not do so. It’s very risky. I am a buyer and seller of antiques and I see a trend/reversal to going back somewhat to how many of us use to shop on the internet before Ebay was here.

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