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Nine things marketers ought to know about salespeople (and two bonuses)

Seth Godin writes: Nine things marketers ought to know about salespeople (and two bonuses). Go read them. Classics, and totally spot-on.

HDR photography

Ever wonder what the hell HDR photography is really all about?

I have.

So, when I read this article: Modern HDR photography, a how-to or Saturday morning relaxation I was really excited, and wanted to start taking all sorts of HDR shots. Doesn’t look easy by any means, but does look like a lot of fun, and a challenge.

Look for some HDR shots from me by the end of September.

XP Tweak

Use Windows XP? Read this: My Favorite XP Tweak. It’s a great little XP Tweak that speeds things up a lot, or at least makes it feel faster. Also, there’s a gem about how to set the folders to “details” view all the time.


Beginners Guide to Manual Photography

Beginners Guide to Manual Photography



My flickrInspector data can be found here: johnengler flickrInspector data. Kind of neat.

Cold Calling and Jig Saw Puzzles

I just read an article from Sales Training Camp about cold calling. The writer makes a good analogy between cold calling and putting together a jig-saw puzzle. If you’re a sales guy, or sales manager, go read it:

Sales and Rejection by Ryan Sarti

There are some great lessons in that article about how to not take bad cold calls personally, and an important reminder to get a referral from your prospect regardless of their propensity to buy. Good stuff.

The Sales Learning Curve

Ever heard of the “Sales Learning Curve”?

Neither had I… but, I interviewed a guy for a sales rep position yesterday, and he sent me a link to it today. Super cool idea, and definitely something I should investigate a little more.

Every start-up should think about this before they go hire 30 sales reps to take an alpha product out of beta and to the market.


The Best Startup Advice I Have and The Sales Learning Curve