I haven’t written a movie review in ages, but since I’m on a plane heading home from Columbus, Ohio (where it was frickin’ cold today, btw) and I just finished watching it… I feel I have to.

This movie kicks ass! Seriously.

I was in the Corps at A&M in college, then spent a few years in the Army before I got a cush job in the real world… watching Jarhead brought it all back. No, I didn’t ever have to go to war, never even close, but just about every scene in Jarhead brought up two feelings:

1) Joy and Exultation: joy to know what it’s like to experience the twisted comraderie that military experiences make you feel… you may not realize it while you’re experiencing the pain, agony, etc… but looking back on them, you feel a common bond with anyone else that’s gone through that type of experience.

2) Apprehension and great sadness: To watch those young Marines head cheer about heading off into battle, as enthusiastic as they are, knowing full well that they don’t realize the peril they’re facing… nor have they yet realized how much the mundaneness of their daily existence while they “wait and wait” while the politicians figure out if they are going to get to do their jobs gets figured out.

Great flick. If you ever spent time in a miliary environment: highly recommended!

Click the image above for a 3 minute preview of the movie’s beginning… and just for you that are wondering, I rip DVDs to my hard drive before I get on an airplane, so I can watch the movie(s) on the flights without having to deal with the DVD media, and so I can carry 2-3 with me at anytime (it also helps people watch them from my FrontRow enabled iMac at home when we have guests in the guestroom that wanna watch a movie).

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  • We used to have to refer to ourselves in the third person – never ‘I’, always ‘this recruit’.

    God, the sight of the squadbay. His opening line about “might have made a bad decision” just makes me laugh. I remember the first time we got to sleep after arriving on the Island; I woke up, looked around at everything, and just wondered what the hell I’d gotten myself into.

  • Watch the whole movie Gregg… it’s great!

  • i love this movie, its wat inspired me to join the Marines instead of the Army. I live for things like this. infact im even writing a paper about my inspiration to join the Marine Corps and the very opening lines from this movie is in my paper. Ooh-Rah!

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