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Flash Mounted home made DIY Softbox

Flash Mounted home made DIY Softbox


I love Rocketboom

After spending greater than 5 hours on a plane today, I gotta say this:


Yes. I do.

I started watching Rocketboom very infrequently about a year ago, then I bought an iPod Video (after losing my iPod nano) and that made it easy to watch videos when I was on the road traveling.

Right now, I’ve got a good 30 episodes of Rocketboom in iTunes that hadn’t been watched as of this morning… but I’ve watched 10 or so of them on my flights… love it, love it, love it. (I really only watch Rocketboom, or listen to podcasts in general for that matter, when I’m on a flight or in the car for longer than 5 minutes – no I don’t drive and watch Rocketboom on my iPod at the same time)

Thanks Amanda and Peter. Keep it up!

Oh, and I loved the TRM advertisements you made… very cool and fun. Think they’d sell me one? Who do I call? I need an ATM for the kitchen… I’ll put it right next to the microwave.

Love it when you use the word “verily” makes me think of Emily Bronte.


I haven’t written a movie review in ages, but since I’m on a plane heading home from Columbus, Ohio (where it was frickin’ cold today, btw) and I just finished watching it… I feel I have to.

This movie kicks ass! Seriously.

I was in the Corps at A&M in college, then spent a few years in the Army before I got a cush job in the real world… watching Jarhead brought it all back. No, I didn’t ever have to go to war, never even close, but just about every scene in Jarhead brought up two feelings:

1) Joy and Exultation: joy to know what it’s like to experience the twisted comraderie that military experiences make you feel… you may not realize it while you’re experiencing the pain, agony, etc… but looking back on them, you feel a common bond with anyone else that’s gone through that type of experience.

2) Apprehension and great sadness: To watch those young Marines head cheer about heading off into battle, as enthusiastic as they are, knowing full well that they don’t realize the peril they’re facing… nor have they yet realized how much the mundaneness of their daily existence while they “wait and wait” while the politicians figure out if they are going to get to do their jobs gets figured out.

Great flick. If you ever spent time in a miliary environment: highly recommended!

Click the image above for a 3 minute preview of the movie’s beginning… and just for you that are wondering, I rip DVDs to my hard drive before I get on an airplane, so I can watch the movie(s) on the flights without having to deal with the DVD media, and so I can carry 2-3 with me at anytime (it also helps people watch them from my FrontRow enabled iMac at home when we have guests in the guestroom that wanna watch a movie).

Vista Slips again

Sorry Scoble, gotta go here after I read this:

“I’d rather have a slipped date than a cruddy product.”

Problem with Microsoft’s OS is that typically you get both. – Zing!

OS X Sudo vs. Root

OS X Sudo vs. Root: The Real Story


Lazyweb request: PCMCIA Compact Flash Card Reader for OS X

Anyone know where I can buy a PCMCIA card that’ll work in my PowerBook and that’ll let me read Type I and Type II Compact Flash cards? I need one to get data off my camera’s CF cards more easily than carrying around the USB adapter I have. I just want to plop the CF card into my Mac and then eject it… I hate peripherals when I’m on the road.

15″ Aluminum PowerBook G4, running Mac OS X 10.4.5 (currently)

(I ask because I bought one from Amtron after calling them to make sure it’d work in my PowerBook, and sure enough, they said “yes, it’ll work”. I got it today, and guess what: It doesn’t work with my PowerBook. Works fine with my Thinkpad, but not the Mac. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I knew better than to trust the sales person… now I’m going to be out shipping both ways, which more than doubles the cost of the stupid thing, and I still don’t have what I want. Argh.)

Lots of States

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

look busy

from Looking Busy : “It’s more important to look busy than be busy.”


Digital Photography Tips

Just Show Me How is a cool new site with tips for digital photographers and there’s a blog along with it too. Done by award-winning photographers. Pulitzer-prize winners and all that. Lots of fun, and has videos and such too.

copied verbatim from Scoble

I’ll point out that the site offers tips that you have to pay for, but they’re delivered as videos, so they should be really easy to follow and very easy to understand. Great for new photographers. I’ll be reading the blog for tips.