1500 is a great number.

1500 is a number that means a lot to lots of people.

1500 is the designation of Chevy’s standard 1/2 ton pickup truck. A Chevy 1500 is a good truck.

1500 is 3:00 p.m. in the Army. 1500 is a good time to have a meeting in the summer time (it gets you out of the heat) or a good time to be doing maintenance on your tank in the winter (it’s usually the warmest part of the day).

$1,500 is how much I spent on the engagement ring I gave my wife (realize I bought it from my uncle and got a good deal, in my opinion) 10 years ago (has it been that long?)

$1,500 is the amount of money we had budgeted for a cruise vacation in February.

$1,500 is the amount of money I’m going to spend on my cat this week. The cat a kidney stone and will be having major surgery today.


update: the kitty is doing just fine… turns out the kidney stone was actually in his bladder, and was three stones. Without the surgery we’d have had to put him to sleep… which wasn’t an option.

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