Getting Aperture to load without 1 GB of RAM

I spotted this on the internet somewhere (wish I could remember where, so I could point to it)

When you get Aperture, and install it, it’ll let you install it, if you don’t have enough RAM, but it won’t run, and will give you an error saying something like “This machine doesn’t have the minimum resources to run this application” (I haven’t seen it, so I don’t know what it says).

To get it to work do this:

open the file info.plist (inside the bundle)

and change this



The above hack lowers the RAM requirement from 1 GB of ram to 700 MBs of RAM. I bet you could play with those numbers to see how low you can get it and still get Aperture to work. Something tells me though that Apple wasn’t bullshitting when they say the application needs 1 GB of RAM, so if you have less, be careful with this hack.

It goes without saying this hack is totally unsupported by myself and/or Apple. Your mileage may vary.

update: a few searches on Google lead to these other posts that might help you get Aperture running on unsupported hardware:

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  • you can also use this hack to modifie apertures video card requirements at the base of the plist info file is a min. video card requirements whixh states the resoulution has to be 800 x 1240 in order for aperture to run well at the bottom of the plist infor file you can change that

    also the aperture application using this memory hack works on intel single core processors with 512 megs of ram using the most popular no cpu check hack and the application aperture also runs at 256 megs of ram

  • It won’t let me install it… i have A G5 and just downloaded the trial version… and because it hasnt been installed yet, it doesnt have the AELMinimumRAMSize in the info.plist. any suggestions?

  • Copy ApertureTrial.mpkg in a location where you have write acces (somwehere out of dmg), right-clik on it, Show Package Contents. In the folder Contents, open with a text editor and find:

    function checkRAMRequirement(RAM) {
    var requiredRAM = (RAM * 1024 * 1024);
    var actualRAM = system.sysctl(‘hw.memsize’);

    return (actualRAM > (requiredRAM – 1));

    replace it with

    function checkRAMRequirement(RAM) {
    var requiredRAM = (RAM * 512 * 512);
    var actualRAM = system.sysctl(‘hw.memsize’);

    return (actualRAM > (requiredRAM – 1));

    or just change “1024” to whatever RAM you have. I don’t know if there is a minimum required.

    Save the file and then run installer.

    After installing, go to, Show Package Contents, and edit info.plist to change de minimum RAM required to run.

  • Open what with a text editor.

    You don’t actually give the file name for editing that is in the Contents folder.

    In all the plists I can’t find any of these lines

  • @Jake: see this line:

    open the file info.plist (inside the bundle)


  • Yeah, maybe I’m blind but I’m not seeing anything like that in any of the .plist files in the installer package… thanks for the effort though…

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