Chuqui on Aperture

Some initial thoughts on Aperture from Chuq – Another look at Aperture from a non-pro. “My cut: Aperture is an impressive first release; among other things, they got the performance and the organizational aspects of it well fleshed out. I’m a LOT happier with Aperture than I was with iPhoto…”

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  • I think Aperture is a great program so far, delivering the goods on the GUI and ease of use that’s become a standard with Apple.

    I am by no means a photographer who would utilize the full potential of Aperture’s functions, as it is geared toward photographers who shoot massive amounts for fashion shoots, assignments, etc., but the quality of the RAW conversion probably needs to be discussed more, as it is still vague where the RAW conversion is lacking. I shoot mostly in RAW now, but I’m still learning (in college) about digital and analog, so I am interested in seeing how Apple will respond to it, if ever.

    Other than that, there’s something suspect about this program relying so much on Core image and fancy GUI. It is sluggish, but I shouldn’t say much because I’m trying it out on a 15″ powerbook. But even in forums, people have claimed sluggish performances with Dual G5 systems.

    When I invest in a Dual G5 someday (soon hopefully), perhaps this issue will be addressed? I’m sure everyone’s said this though, but as a first release, it’s only going to improve, much like FCP and other programs.

  • I personally don’t find it all that sluggish on my Powerbook (also a 15″) that barely matches the system specs, but on a few tasks, it slows down a lot… I’m learning to stay away from those tasks, and use Aperture to batch process files, and store them, before taking them into Photoshop for final work… we’ll see what I learn about how to really use it. Love to have more of your comments on this subject since you’re in school, playing with it.

    Thanks Sid.

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