Google shows no love for Mac users

Here’s one more example of how Google just doesn’t like Mac users.

Google Analytics doesn’t work with Safari on Mac OS X. In ordre to view a Google Analytics report on Mac OS X, you have to be using a Mozilla based braower, ie. Firefox. (If you are unfamiliar with how to use Google Analytics you could contact an advertising agency for help.)

Here’s an example of two screenshots:

GA in Safari on Mac OS X:

GA in Firefox on Mac OS X:

So, if you’re a Mac user, logging into Google Analytics using Safari, and you’re wondering why there is not data, it’s because GA won’t work with Safari.

Here’s a link to the official Google Analytics help system that details this bug.

I’m using Safari on Mac OS X and am unable to view any reports.
The most recent versions of Safari (v. 1.3.1 for Mac OS X Panther and v. 2.0.1 for Mac OS X Tiger) do not support the Google Analytics reporting interface. Only Mozilla-based browsers (Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape Navigator) are supported for Macs at this time. We recommend using one of these supported browsers to view your Google Analytics account.

Yes, I’m believing Google is lame a lot lately (I think the lustre is wearing off … their search engine rocks… the rest, well, keeps sucking more and more), and this is just one more example of the Mac user hate they exhibit sometimes…

I never use Firefox, just like I never use Windows Media Player. If a WMV file shows its head in a webpage I’ve viewing with Safari and works on my machine, I’m pleasantly surprised, but I don’t download WMV files to watch in Windows Media Player. I use Safari for 99.9% of my internet browsing needs on my Mac, and only load up Firefox to view analytics reports from Google at this point (taking the screenshots above for example was the first time I’ve fired up Firefox on my Mac in probably a year to view a website on the web … ugh…)

But hey, it’s a free service… who am I to complain?

update: In the comments on TUAW a reader gives this advice for how to get GA to work with Safari:

1. Try to force a reflow of the page, e.g. by hitting “Cmd +” or “Cmd -” to resize the text. The charts will appear.

Charts also appear if you invoke them via the contextual red (^) buttons next to list elements.

2 Responses to “Google shows no love for Mac users”

  • I haven’t used Google Analytics myself, but the problem might be that they are using a canvas page element for the graphics instead of loading external image files (I don’t know if they do). Safari has at least one bug related to canvas and CSS usage; there is an easy workaround for this though (until the WebKit team fixes bug 4884).

    See — it would be nice if someone checked if they are indeed using canvas.

  • OK, I don’t get it. I love Firefox because it does work. On everything. Yes, I love macs as much as the next mac geek, but Safari just doesn’t cut it. Why continue the love affair?

    I thought I was going to bolster my comments with analysis (from a leading local news Web site) that Mozilla was robbing so much market from Safari that it becomes less and less a segment worth catering to, but I was surprised to find the Safari market growing (along with Mac OS). Just a tad, but a growth, none-the-less. I can’t exactly cross browser us against OS but I can compare them. It seems that since Jan 1, 3.4% of our site visitors use Safari, out of the 5.7% that us Mac OS. Since Oct. 1, 4.1% use Safari, out of 6.1% that use Mac OS.

    Oh, well. I still love Firefox.

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