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Newspaper Survival Recipe

A Recipe for Newspaper Survival in the Internet Age – a must read.


Startup kit

Nick Denton: Startup kit – a good list of stuff that you might need/want if you’re building a start up, but keep in mind that Denton has contacts that got him some of what he got for below list prices… so you might have to shop around for some of the more commercial solutions he recommends…


10 Things Every New Mac Owner Should Know

10 Things Every New Mac Owner Should Know – good list to pass on to new Mac users (which I’m sure there will be plenty of after 12/25 this year).


5 Great Background Masking Techniques in Photoshop

5 Great Background Masking Techniques in Photoshop – great tips.


Full-time freelancing: 10 things learned in 180 days

Full-time freelancing: 10 things learned in 180 days – Great read.


Should you be blogging?

Does Your Company Belong in the Blogosphere? – From the HBS.


When a Linux user buys Apple’s Mac mini

When a Linux user buys Apple’s Mac mini


How to Raise Money for Your Business

A list of 19 ways to Raise Money for Your Business from… great list!


Safari Secrets

The Secrets of Safari – great list of useful tips for Safari.


How to disappear in America without a trace

Vanishing Point: How to disappear in America without a trace – Scary that this has to exist.


New iPod Nano

I bought an iPod nano (4GB Black) tonight at the Barton Creek Apple Store.

We were at a charity event at the mall, because we figured we’d do a little shopping before Thanksgiving, and to hang out with one of our good friends before they head out of town for the holidays…

We paid $10 each to get access to the mall after hours, as part of an exclusive group of shoppers that support local charities… honestly, the mall was probably more packed tonight than it normally is, or at least more packed that I like it (I hate shopping at the mall).

Since we’d already dumped that $20 into charity, I figured I’d see what kind of discounts the Apple store was offering (all of the stores were offering some sort of free gift (with a purchase) or discount to support the charities).

They were offering 10% off all iPods and iPod accessories… and since I’ve been doing well selling stuff on eBay recently, I figured I’d upgrade to a new iPod nano… I travel a lot for work, and I really wanted an iPod that’d last 14 hours (that’s the advertised battery life of the nano) and it was 10% off, so I bought one.

Initial reaction: Wow!

It’s tiny. Really slim and slick. Transfering my Tunes over USB is slower than Firewire, but not too painful. 4GB is a tough nut to swallow when you’re used to carrying 20GBs of music around with you…

And I’m scared to scratch it.

So, I’ve left it wrapped in the original plastic wrap that it comes in for now (there wasn’t a case included in the box that mine came in).

The first thing I did when I got home was order Black Sleevz™ for iPod nano from Radtech. Hopefully it’s here before Thanksgiving, or at least shortly thereafter.

The packaging is typical Apple… meaning it’s very svelte. It feels like you bought a double CD at the music store, and opens like a special edition CD package.

I opened it in front of my wife who still had yet to even see one in person, much less hold one, and she said “Is that it? Are you sure that isn’t a picture of it?” as I held it in the box… when I pulled it out she just said “That’s cool babe.”

I’ve got a great wife!

Oh, and yes this means my 20GB 3rd Generation iPod will be on eBay next week. I’ll link to it when it’s posted. Good machine, but with all the flying I’m doing, I wanted something lighter and smaller.

Warning Label Generator

Warning Label Generator:

Hybrid’s value

Is a Hybrid vehicle worth it? – not finacially, or so it seems today.


Google shows no love for Mac users

Here’s one more example of how Google just doesn’t like Mac users.

Google Analytics doesn’t work with Safari on Mac OS X. In ordre to view a Google Analytics report on Mac OS X, you have to be using a Mozilla based braower, ie. Firefox. (If you are unfamiliar with how to use Google Analytics you could contact an advertising agency for help.)

Here’s an example of two screenshots:

GA in Safari on Mac OS X:

GA in Firefox on Mac OS X:

So, if you’re a Mac user, logging into Google Analytics using Safari, and you’re wondering why there is not data, it’s because GA won’t work with Safari.

Here’s a link to the official Google Analytics help system that details this bug.

I’m using Safari on Mac OS X and am unable to view any reports.
The most recent versions of Safari (v. 1.3.1 for Mac OS X Panther and v. 2.0.1 for Mac OS X Tiger) do not support the Google Analytics reporting interface. Only Mozilla-based browsers (Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape Navigator) are supported for Macs at this time. We recommend using one of these supported browsers to view your Google Analytics account.

Yes, I’m believing Google is lame a lot lately (I think the lustre is wearing off … their search engine rocks… the rest, well, keeps sucking more and more), and this is just one more example of the Mac user hate they exhibit sometimes…

I never use Firefox, just like I never use Windows Media Player. If a WMV file shows its head in a webpage I’ve viewing with Safari and works on my machine, I’m pleasantly surprised, but I don’t download WMV files to watch in Windows Media Player. I use Safari for 99.9% of my internet browsing needs on my Mac, and only load up Firefox to view analytics reports from Google at this point (taking the screenshots above for example was the first time I’ve fired up Firefox on my Mac in probably a year to view a website on the web … ugh…)

But hey, it’s a free service… who am I to complain?

update: In the comments on TUAW a reader gives this advice for how to get GA to work with Safari:

1. Try to force a reflow of the page, e.g. by hitting “Cmd +” or “Cmd -” to resize the text. The charts will appear.

Charts also appear if you invoke them via the contextual red (^) buttons next to list elements.

Urchin is Free

Google: Start acting like a real business or you’re doomed – I’ve sort of wondered all day what sort of impact Google’s announcement about making Urchin free would have… this is one example of what that reaction looks like… I also think that you have to remember: You get what you pay for. So if free analytics is your bag, don’t go looking for it to do more than give you free analytics…


The Five WordPress Plugins You Want

The Five WordPress Plugins You Want


Top 10 Tips for Great Pictures

Top 10 Tips for Great Pictures – pretty good advice from Kodak for those of you looking to become better photographers.


old shit

The Awesome Antiquated Look – cool photoshop technique.

(0) – a new site, totally in development (in my spare time thank you) that’ll evenutally grow to catalog our journey into financial freedom through smart budgeting… (hopefully) šŸ˜‰ Go subscribe to the XML feed… you’ll like it as it develops, I think. We’ve been doing a lot of finacial planning lately, and I plan to add lots of long-form articles to the BLog (you like that? BudgetLog = BLog) as time permits…


One more reason why Chuq works for Apple

Chuq just posted this post: Why I work for Apple, reason number 18321.5, which points to Meet Jackie Huba, Customer Evangelist which points to this Quicktime Movie which you just have to watch… too much fun!

What are Frequent Flyer Programs Really Worth? – interesting thoughts on the frequent flyer business, and some great insight too…


Printing from a Windows XP PC to a printer attached to an Airport Extreme Base Station or Airport Express

Printing from a Windows XP PC to a printer attached to an Airport Extreme Base Station or Airport Express – Now I can print to the Canon photo printer from my IBM thinkpad… too cool!


Tips For Putting An Offer on A Home

Getting To Done: Tips For Putting An Offer on A Home


eBay: Slowly Getting Rid of More Stuff

I sold everything but the Belkin Universal Headset from my last round of eBay items, so, I’m reinvesting some of my fees in a few more listings. If you’re interested, here are a few things I’ve listed tonight:

update: I put three more items up for auction tonight:

Turns out, I think I can comfortably list about 10 items a night, if I have them lined up and have taken all of the photos… but I can’t clean out my closets that fast šŸ˜‰

How-to use your Mac from anywhere

How-to use your Mac from anywhere – great tutorial from Mark.


If you could change one thing

– lots of good little tips that have big payoffs