Blogs as marketing tools: BNL

I just want to point out how good a weblog can be as a marketing tool, with this example: The BNL Blog from none other than the Bare Naked Ladies, the band.

Reading the BNL Blog, which they’re writing while they’re recording their newest album, is totally getting me pumped up about the new album.


From 10/21/2005:

We’re just finishing up our 3rd bed for today… Nice. We did Kev’s song first. After lunch we did “What a Letdown”… which totally friggin’ rocked. We’re just finishing up some fixes on “I Can, I Will, and I Do”. We’ve put all the songs into an iTunes playlist, and Steve just keeps pressing random to decide what we do next. So far it’s been pretty good. We’re all heading up to the house to get into the hot tub. Tomorrow I think we’re going to go for some lead vocals on the group of beds we have thus far. I’m always nervous about singing… always. It may be one of the only things I sweat about.

That’s total transparency, and a little exciting to read.

From 10/20:

By the way, Ed’s right, his scarf does look kind of dumb. Right now he’s across the table from me singing his heart out, but I can’t stop staring at his scarf.

… as well as a pretty good explanation of why ticket prices are what they are on tour, that feels pretty darned honest.


Day 2 of recording. I have ambitions of a 3 song day today. We got the first one, and we’re about to break for lunch. A couple of 3 song days would put us in a really good position for the start of the tour. We’d like to get all the beds done before we break for the tour. It is an absolute pleasure to be working with Susan again. The weather here is great. It’s one of those crisp fall days. The leaves are all gold and red, you can see your breath… nice. I got a new scarf. I thought the guys would tease me mercilessly about it, but nobody’s said a word! Scarves are the new black. I wore my scarf for this last take. I think it made the take. Actually, I was just cold.

Reading their entries as they make these latest recordings has me looking forward to spending money on their new album…

That’s marketing by blog, and it should be a case-study. Each member of the band is getting in on the action, letting me learn a little more about who they are individually, as well as pumping me up for the new album by letting me be part of the experience.

I love it!

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