Dreamhost Rocks! New Sale

I can’t say this enough. Dreamhost Rocks!

If you’re looking for a new shared hosting plan, you really ought to check out Dreamhost.

They just started a new sale this month:

From: [email protected]
Subject: [Announcement] New! All Shared Hosting Disk Space Doubled!
Date: September 1, 2005 4:26:34 AM CDT
To: John Engler

Hey Happy DreamHost Disk Hogs!

Starting Monday we began a new sale.. double (the starting) disk space on
all shared hosting accounts. As we’ve been known to do, we’ve also
applied this to all existing shared hosting customers as well!

Keep in mind your overall disk quota total may not quite double, because
of any additional weekly growth your plan may have undergone since you’ve
signed on. BUT, we’ve also doubled the weekly growth rate on all active
shared hosting plans to the following:

Level 1: 40MB/week
Level 2: 80MB/week
Level 3: 120MB/week
Level 4: 160MB/week

There is no action for you to take to get this increase… everything’s
already happened.

I’m not going to detail all of the stuff they offer with each plan, but I’d highly encourage you to check their sale our. Their “one-click installs” of some super useful software alone make it a really great hosting package. I mean where else can you buy a hosting plan for $8 a month, and get up and running within about 15 minutes of starting your hosting plan?

Their super easy to understand and use account control panel is also pretty damned spiffy.

They also pay referral fees for anyone that says you referred them when they sign up (yes, if you follow these links you’ll credit me with the referral). But that’s not the only reason I’m singing their praises… my diskspace with them is going up by 200MBs/week (I have two plans with them). That’s reason enough to sing their praises. Thank you Dreamhost.

Check ’em out and tell them I sent you ;).

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