Airport Express and Rendezvous for Windows

Last night I bought two Airport Express units from Fry’s Electronics. I did this, because I finally surfed on an 802.11g base station over at my buddies house last week and was amazed at the speed of the connection.

I had been using an 802.11b Airport that I bought when they first came out (years ago), and I had been happy with it, but the speed of the Linksys 802.11g unit was pretty darned fast…

I was looking to buy an Airport Extreme Base Station and an Airport Express, but Fry’s was all out of the Extreme Base Stations (interestingly, so is

Anyways, I bought two Express units, figuring I can always use the spare on the road, and can use it to share my printer between my various Macs on the network, and the Thinkpad I got at the new job last week.

So, this morning, I got the two Express units up and running, configured them with the Powerbook (took all of 5 minutes) and attached the printer. Then I got the printer working from the Powerbook, and started trying to add the printer — It wasn’t in the list of printers available to add to the Thinkpad, so I searched google for information on “sharing Airport Express printer +windows” and found this page, which sent me to Rendezvous for Windows Technology Preview.

I downloaded the Rendezvous for Windows Tech Preview, installed it, then installed the Epson drivers from Epson’s website, and Baam! I’m now using the Thinkpad to print via Airport Express on the Epson…

Thanks Apple for making it easy.

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  • Ironic that the only software which really works WELL on Windows (QuickTime, iTunes, Rendezvous) is made by Apple. Well, no. Not really ironic.

  • AE is excellent for charging your cell phone when you’re on the road. I have a USB->SonyEricsson charger that I use and it’s good when attached to the laptop, but if you move the laptop, you usually unplug and fling the phone to the floor. The AE doesn’t get moved once you set it up, and works great.

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