GarageBand and its impact

I was impressed with Steve Jobs’ keynote today, and I didn’t even watch it…

(Overheard today in an AIM window):

buddy: Ok, I really want a Mac now
me: heh, why?
buddy: I just got done watching the Macworld Keynote and Steve Jobs introduced “GarageBand” as part of the new iLife suite. He had John Mayer on stage playing his guitar into it. It was SOOO Cool!

[for reference: John Mayer playing into GarageBand photo on]

Ok, aside from the fact that I have a real job now, and had to work through the Keynote, I also actually forgot it was today until my buddy busted into my work schedule with that instant message, I’m super-impressed that Apple introduced GarageBand, because they finally won over another convert…

This may not seem like a big deal to most of you out there, but… this buddy of mine happens to be the same one that I am not holding my breath to wait to see him buy a Mac, and yet, here he is, telling the world he’s buying one:

iLife is pretty much what I’ve tried to attain with our computer. I use a hacked version of Picasa for our digital photo album, which is mediocre in my opinion, iTunes (which is made by Apple and is the only recreational 3rd party software that works decently on the computer), Pinnacle Studio 8 (capture card) that I still can’t get to work right. We don’t have a DVD ROM so I haven’t had to endure the pains of dealing with 3rd party software for that.

That pretty much sums up what I’ve been saying about Apple products for years… you don’t have to “try to get it to work” nearly as much as you have to with a Windows box… And I’ll have to remember to tell my buddy to check out The Big Mix from Aladdin when he gets his Mac.

Tony Hawk, Sheryl Crow and Elijah Wood tell Ian Robbinson the same thing in this iLife ’04 movie from Apple… cheezy, sure, but the wife’s ears picked up the movie while she was playing SSX on the Game Cube enough for her to say “When are we getting that?”

John Gruber makes a good point about GarageBand and the types of users Macintoshes satisify:

“But GarageBand epitomizes whatís different and better about the Mac. Everyone wants it, and thereís nothing like it for any other platform.”

Brent Simmons is also just about as psyched as my buddy about GarageBand:

“I’ve been waiting 20 years for GarageBand.”

My buddy and my wife start to show the impact of GarageBand. I just ordered it.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out Apple’s updated 1984 ad (notice the iPod on her hip?)

update:Apple isn’t the only one selling a 4GB MP3 Player for $249… I wish people’d quit bitching about the ‘high price’ so much… remember that Apple products have always carried a premium just because they had the little apple on them. People will pay for that… maybe not the masses, but Apple stays profitable selling to who they sell to.

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  • Before I switched, I did a lot of work in AcidPro, a loop-based writing platform for Windows. It was great, you could import and export your tunes and GarageBand reminds me a lot of Acid. That was actually the only software I’ve been missing since I moved to the Mac two years ago. It good to see Apple moving ahead and making things equal if not better on both platforms.

  • I think that Garageband is a really cool product but the web site is seriously flawed. I want to be able to hear samples of the sounds and samples built into the software. I mean if it really is a midi-based product, I think it’s only natural that I hear what this Yamaha Grand Piano sample sounds like.

  • Sorry, I couldn’t find an email link to let you know about this, so hopefully you’ll see it here. Your RSS feed is broken in both of the aggregators I normally use. The culprit seems to be an unclosed tag that looks like this:

    <webMaster>[email protected]</webMaster

    It’s probably just a dropped angle bracket in your RSS template.

  • dave, thanks for the hint… I was looking for the problem this past weekend and wasn’t looking at that part of the code… don’t know how the template got busted, but it should be fixed now. my apologies to everyone for the broken feed.

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