Close more sales with needs analysis questions

From Iunctura Daily, preserved here, because their archives are protected by a member’s only access prompt, and there’s no obvious way to register:

Even before your sales presentation or first customer interaction, you need to know exactly what prospects expect to receive from your product or service. › It is naive to assume your sales people know the specific touch points for each prospect– but asking the right questions will make a huge difference to prequalify prospects.

By knowing each prospects exact requirements you can tailor your presentation and improve your conversion rates.› Often you’ll find the problems customer perceive are significantly different than the ones you thought you solved. › Use this new understanding to improve marketing literature and sales approach.

The questions you ask depend largely on the product or service provided, but here are some general questions you might consider:

  1. What is the biggest challenge you face in your organization that once removed would free up resources?
  2. How have past experiences influenced your current business practices?› Improved or limited?
  3. What kind of solution would best fit your current needs that if were available you would consider?
  4. What do you feel contributes to the challenges you face that if removed would increase your revenue?
  5. Who needs to be involved for optimal results with any given solution considered by your organization?
  6. Why have you purchased similar (or our) products in the past?
  7. Which facts should a solution provider consider before approaching your specific concerns?
  8. Where do you experience this discomfort and when does it occur?
  9. What events seem to trigger this adverse desired result?
  10. Which outside groups contribute to your success and how do their contributions benefit you?
  11. What do you expect the result you receive to look like?

Develop a line of questioning based on the criteria you have already established that describes a buying customer.› In addition, ask demographic and buying behavior questions the further segment your prospect base .›

The answers to these questions will help focus your sales team to highly likely buyers so that you can convert more sales.

Great points.

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  • Thank you for this ideas and examples of questions to ask.

    I would say the secret of being successful in selling is the ability to transmit your energy and your enthusiasm about your product or service. If you fail to do that, you will not sell.

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