Summer Colds – I hate ’em

I just hate getting sick in the middle of summer, but invariably, I seem to always get sick mid-way though each summer. I almost never have a cold in the winter, but for the past three or four years I can could on getting the flu in late July or early August, when the temperature outside is like 100°. It sucks.

I guess what I really hate about getting sick is that it really takes a lot out of you and you can’t be at all productive. I tried to be productive today… I got up at 8 (after waking up coughing twice through the night) and went into the office… only to leave around 9:30 because I was ‘loopy’ feeling. You know, that feeling you get when your head doesn’t feel like it’s on top of your body, or if it is, it’s suspended on some sort of gyro-enhanced suspension? That’s what I feel like.

I also have a terrible stomach issue making it hard to eat. I haven’t eaten in two days other than a sandwich and some soup… ugh… thinking about eating just makes me sick to my stomach…

I’m headed back to bed.

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  • While not in Texas, I am in Baltimore (not as hot, but always humid) and I noticed today that I was sniffling all day. Once I noticed it, I couldn’t stop thinking about why I had the sniffles when it is 85 degrees outside. Threw off my concentration for a good 20 minutes.

    In other words… I hear ya.

  • Hey, trying to find in your archives and having no luck.. You did a bit on how to get unwanted emails out of Entorage at one point and I lost the link. Any clue where it was?

  • You should have gone for the Margarita on Friday. The tequila would have burned out the bacteria in your system. 🙂

  • My plans for the weekend was already planned.To go out with friends after work and to the beach the next day.Well that changed because of how I felt. I started to feel not so good after lunch, start to sneeze and all of a sudden felt cold, I actually need a sweater to keep me warm in the summer. My nose started to running and I felt helplessly. All I wanted to do was veg. No going out for me feeling the way I did. I hate summer colds!!!!!!

  • My son (13) about a week ago stated having a hard time breathing (it was hard to inhale deep) siince then he’s sneezes non stop , wheezing , and in full of mucas , it’s driving me insane , our doctor said it’s the time of year and it will wear off , does anyone have a “trick” that helps faster we’ve tried airborn , sinus / allergy , ibprofun , steaming w/ menthol ect….I feel awful for my son because he’s feeling like crud….

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