Search Engine Optimization a No-No?

Tom Coates wrote an article that says people don’t need Search Engine Optimization companies to help them get good rankings in Search Engines. I’d say that I disagree with such a blanket statement.

A lot of companies do need SEO consultants as long as those consultants are trustworthy and will help those company’s build good sites built on those basic principles that Tom tells his readers about. Search Engine Optimzation consultants are what companies that want good search referrals need, not those kinds of companies that sell you a bunch of inter-client links, or one that just submits you to 1,000 search engines… just a good old fashioned consultant to teach their client how to do things better.

I can’t point you to a great SEO firm off the top of my head, but I can tell you that my buddies at MarketingFix (soon to be Up2Speed) are experts at search engine ranking.

Also, keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization is quite different than Search Engine Marketing.

2 Responses to “Search Engine Optimization a No-No?”

  • I think the best SEO is good page titles (if every page title is the same you are toast). Noticed a big jump over at MacMerc when I hacked good titles into it. Also, making good links (without a ?) helps a lot.

  • Hello – I run a small charter boat fishing and cruising company out of Chicago, IL – I have a website — I have been socilited by my hosting company to optimize, and recently been agressively pressured to optimize from a east coast company. I am the sole operator of the entire inside operations of my company – I am not too knowledgable when it comes to web site issues – Although, I can detect a high pressured aggressive sales technique – so far I have not authorized optimization since I am untrusing of most companys soliciting me. When I search for my listing on most websites I am not in good positioning, some of my competitors are – this frustates me because I want to be in excellent positioning but I don’t trust the people trying to sell me optimization.

    I though I should go to a local web provider (then I can atleast see who I’d dealing with)and cover the topic of excellent placement but haven’t yet. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you.

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