TODO: Install SpamAssassin

When I get back from my vacation, the top priority on my list is installing SpamAssassin, thanks to the mini-review that John Gruber just posted

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  • I would also suggest POPFile. It also runs in Perl, and can be set up as as system service. You don’t deal with scoring just classification of messages. The system learns very quickly and scores extremely accurately. You can choose to quarantine spam (or other messages) and it then does not allow the message to display, which prevents sending confirmation back to the spammer on a rich email or graphic that may have been sent.

    You can create buckets for types of mail you receive, and very easily then use filters in your mail app (I have used Mail, PowerMail and now Entourage with it) to deal with the incoming flow.

    I highly recommend it.

  • Uhm, what have you been waiting for. SA’s been keeping me 99% spam free for about a year now!

  • I couldn’t survive without SpamAssassin, it keeps the level of spam in my inbox to an almost bearable level.

    Make sure you get razor2 and DCC installed too, I’ve found that these help SA mark a lot more spams.

  • SA is awsome, but I liked the power that bogofilter gave me. Basically with SA if anything got through you deleted it and said “bummer”. With bogofilter it’s a baysien filter so you train it, and when you say “this is spam” you’re pretty much guarenteed that that same spam message or ones like it won’t get through again. It’s a (somewhat lame) gratification of actually doing some stamping out of spam. I have found less false positives as well, though some domain registrair emails were silently canned. I was able to do the opposite of above and give them the “this is NOT spam” command, and now they come through. Granted, it’s pretty limited as the only way I know how to do it interactively is with mutt through the macros provided in the man page, but as I use mutt, this isn’t a problem to me.

    That aside, give one of the other baysien filters a try (mozilla has one built in). Spammers are using tools like SA to test their messages for spam rating and baysien filters makes each person more individual and therefor (theoretically) harder to spam.

  • I thought SpamAssassin had trainable Bayesian filtering now, too. That’s what I heard, anyway. I haven’t actually tried it.

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