GD PhotoPal and Apokalyptik

Thanks to Noel, I installed PhotoPal, which is a fantastic automatic photo album layout engine. I love it… the software package is still in the dev phase (it’s only at version .9x) as of my installation, but it rocks.

One thing that’s lacking is the documentation, but Noel’s pretty responsive to email.

I needed to install the GD Image Library tools, but had no idea where to start, so I asked Apokalyptik to upgrade PHP to version 4.3.1, and to make sure that the GD library worked.

Took him about 20 minutes from when he said ‘yes, I’ve got time’ until he was done.

Great sys-admin that guy… if you need something done, or someone to take care of your server, talk to him. (thanks again to Scott for turning me on to him).

And without further ado, I give you the my photos.

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