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AliceI’ve been working 13+ hour days for what feels like an eternity lately, and thus, this is just a dump of links that I either wanted to write about, or at the least bookmarked for some reason:

Here’s a quick article that everyone that owns a home (or will in the future) should read about home improvement and what pays off.

A Comprehensive Review of the Email Marketing Scene

Anyone Seen the Bridge? from Mark Pilgrim


BicycleAustin.info (interestingly, this is the first ‘.info’ site I’ve ever visited.

MacLorem – Great OS X software for creating that old space filler text: Ipsum Dolor Set…

Don’t Make These Management Mistakes – really a great read.

The Digital Resource – a great little startup digital news portal.

Xicons.com (my favorite icon site)

Austin Stories


Adrants: Just when all the Posts were getting boring…

More on the 13+ hour work days later…

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