Somewhere Over the Rainbow

You know that great rendition of “Somewhere over the rainbow” that you hear in commercials now (and that was on ER once)? I heard it in full this weekend on a radio station, and decided I wanted it, but didn’t know who sang it, or where to buy it… so I jumped on over to Google and searched. I found out that it’s Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and it’s from his Alone in IZ World album.

The title of the track is “Over the Rainbow” [mp3 sample].

It’s for sale at $18.20 from or $16.98 from

I ordered it from Amazon thanks to free shipping, though, I should have bought it from, just because they were cool enough to offer a free MP3 sample of everysong on the album, which allowed me to ensure that I was buying what I meant to buy… also, I didn’t have to sign up with Amazon, because I’d done it before… there’s a lesson in that reason somewhere for a retailer trying to make it online.

Oh, I bought the album because the song’s catchy enough to stick in my head for three days straight, and should prove to be a great ‘pick me up’ in the office.

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  • boy, oh, boy, are you gonna like that whole album — i look forward to hearingwhat you think. iz had a really beautiful voice. sad loss when he died.

  • So – I take it you’ve discovered KGSR?

  • Hmmm KGSR won’t run on Safari!

    But it runs on IE.

    When we were in Hawaii some time back the IZ cd was on the last page of the room service menu as his stuff was played over the speakers at the pool.

  • Hey, I was watching a show and heard this song on the end of it, but it didn’t stay on long enough for me to get any words out of it. I knew I had heard it before and figured out it was to the tune of “somewhere over the rainbow” so came on the net to try and find it, not likeing my chanses, and I did a search in Yahoo and this page came up!! Thank you so much!! Im gonna get the CD.

  • This page surely made my day. When I first heard this rendition of what used to be my all time most loathed song I had to find out who sings it and where to get it – I absolutely love it!!!! Thanks.


    I heard somewhere over the rainbow but couldn’t find out who was performing it. I love it!


  • I heard the “Over the Rainbow” song on 50 First Dates and felt some great fuzziness over me, I thought it was familiar. Way back In the spring of 2003, while planning my wedding CD with my wife, who chose all the songs she came up on Kazaa with this one. Did not make the CD, I wish it had, I think the intro would not have worked at a wedding. Anyway, I was watching “Meet Joe Black” the other day and it comes on at the beginning of the credits at the end of the movie, just like “50 First Dates”. This song will put you on the beach in an instant after just a few notes, sipping Mai Tai cocktails and drizzling tropical fruit in your mouth.

  • We went to our first luau in Kauai while on vacation earlier this month. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was played just before dinner and I will remember the moment everytime I hear the song.

  • That is just awesome!
    I just need to know the letter for the school tele show that i am gonna do…

  • Thanks for this page! This song rocks.. am about to buy it 🙂

  • Thanks for the input, the song will make my wedding night. Mayble the dance with mom.

  • Thanks for having found who performs this version of the song. I want it to be played @ my funeral so my kid will remember me with happy thoughts!!

  • I was searching for the song….did not know the author. I finally found it. The song holds a place in my heart. One of my daughters recently married, and this was the song that she and her dad danced to…smiles
    I cry happy tears every time I hear this song. Then I saw video and I cried more, reading that IZ has passed away. He reminided me of some family members….makes me want to go back home…smiles

  • Thanks so much for doing the research to find who sings this song. At our office we had a bet who sang but we all lost. We lost the bet but gained a new CD. I am going to buy it now and play it for a pick me up. It takes me back to all the happy times in my life. I hope everyone has the opportunity to hear this version.

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