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Ms. TurinSo, our little marketingfix.com is getting a bit of traffic now, and the guys all (okay, really just Rick) are asking for more traffic data. I’ve looked around for good free open source solutions and have found things like Analog and Webalizer, which are great, but are a pain in the ass to set up and configure for a linux novive like myself. (I’ve been an enduser of both of these pieces of software, but never had to install or configure them.)

As I was trying to determine if I had the GD library (whatever that is) installed on our server, I remember than Ryan over at MacDesktops told me about a program that he was using to process his log files. I asked him what it was and he responded “Summary” <http://www.summary.net>.

I took a quick look and saw a few things I like while Ryan was AIMing me things like “stand-alone” and “super-easy” as well as “very powerweful for the dollar” in the back-ground. I downloaded it, uploaded it, untar’d it and made a few symlinks then typed the now infamous ‘./summary‘ command.

After working through a few things like configuring virtual domains, getting Apokalyptik (my favorite sysadmin) to show me how to turn on Apache’s NCSA combined logging so we capture things like referrers and user agents, and other basic configs, we now have a plethora of data that all of us MFers (the term we’ve taken to call ourselves) can look at as well as inluminent.com data for myself, all from the same log analysis program. And it’s actually quite pretty (except for the big “30 day trial version” stamped at the top of the reports). We’ll see if we ever need/want to move up to something like WebSideStory or WebTrends, but honestly, I can say that I’m sated right now.

So, there it is, my recommendation for Summary to anyone looking for something easier to set up than Webalizer and prettier than Analog, but just as powerful.

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  • AWStats is good, free, and pretty easy to set up.


    The thing I like is that it has a cgi part so you can click “update now”.

  • for the record I dont think webalizer is hard, i can get it setup in just a few minutes. but, credit where credit is due — the reports on that software are nice reports!

  • Personally I’ve been forced to use WebTrends and it has too many reliability (and other) issues to deal with. It needs constant babysitting to keep things working. I prefer Analog, but I’ve spent a lot of time with the docs. šŸ˜‰

    There is a package called Report Magic that works with Analog for a ‘prettier’ output, though again, some geekiness is required to get it all up and running properly.

  • You’ve got to check out pphlogger, which is an amazing package. I believe the URL is http://www.phpee.com, and if you’re interesting in seeing it in action I’ll send you a login for one of my sites. And it’s free!

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