Criminals deserve harsh punishment

I just want to point out that I’m glad they’ve found the snipers and hope they get the worst punishment our courts can dish out. Death by firing squad would suit me just fine. But not just a firing squad with good riles and accurate shooting. A firing squad with really old rickety rifles that don’t aim very well, so that they don’t get killed instantly. Maybe shoot them each once in the knees with iron bullets, so they’ll rust and infect their legs… and they’ll die from some horribly painful death, instead of instantly.

Then again, these two criminals deserve basically the same sort of punishment, in my opinion. Maybe a little faster death, but just as painful… not the white collar, relaxed sitting in a jail community room watching Jerry Springer that they’re likely to get.

And this guy deserves the worst punishment available.

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  • friends!
    once some two guys try to do some thing wrong with…but bcoz of the god’s grace my cousin saw me help me out….he beat those guys and says to me let’s go to home and forget every thing… but i said no its meOther day may be other…I go to the police they caught those guys and they got the punishment of imprisonment for 2 years …
    So never be afraid of what happen ….just do what is right!

  • criminals do mistakes and go to a special place called PRISON .if they are made to life and move freely with the others and what is the difference between a criminal and a normal citizen. therefore criminals do deserve punishment but should not be so severe.

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