I don’t like IE 6 on Win2K

I loaded this website up today in IE 6 on my Win2K box at work (for the first time), and guess what? It doesn’t display over half of the site… I have no idea why this happens, but its pretty annoying to know that this might have been happening since the day I launched. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that this site is pure XHTML and CSS, but it works fine on a Mac, in all of the browsers I can find… Why wouldn’t it work on IE 6 on a PC?

If you’ve been reading, and don’t see anything in the content area of this site, below the “Powered By” tag on the right sidebar, then you’re missing a lot of the content of this site. If you care about that, then read the archives… they seem to display in full … or when you come here, drag the IE window just a little wider or skinnier than it was when the site ‘fully loaded’ to get the rest of the site to display. I hate Windows sometimes (and yes, I realize this may be entirely my fault and not IE’s at all).

If you’ve got a suggestion on how to fix it, let me know via comment.

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