Monday was a good day for incoming referrers.

It seems that Tony Pierce finally stumbled onto this little weblog, and thinks that I’m doing it better than him… Thanks Tony. That is terribly high praise, in my opinion. Most of you don’t know this, but Tony’s weblog was the key inspiration for inluminent/weblog. And, I think Tony’s doing a wonderful job on his site.

Rick mused about the reader reactions to this little ol’ weblog. I maintain that the photos might not make some of the potential readers out there happy, but at the same time haven’t received negative comment one, yet, though I’m dreading the day it starts. The goal here with the pictures of beautiful women is not to offend, but rather to spice up what would other wise be considered drab content. And at the same time, hopefully more readership will push me to produce better content… who knows… we’ll see somewhere long term what happens.

Jeremy says that inluminent/weblog is ‘beautiful’. Thanks Jeremy.

Andy’s vote of confidence helps… though I’m hoping he gets a little less busy sometime soon, so he can personally write more.

Scott Knowles reads inluminent/weblog “purely for the articles”. heh… nice one Scott.

The reverse cowgirl has been nice to me from day one (though I can’t figure out why I’m not on her blogroll sidebar thingy)

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