Monthly Archive for May, 2002

Daily links for May 8th, 2002

Dave Weiner’s article “How to Start a Weblog for Professional Journalists” is a great read for anyone wanting to know a little about why I’ve set up, and for anyone looking for a reason to start their own little log on the web.

Also, for anyone learning Flash, or interested in it at least, look at this Flash blog site from Mike Chambers. Great list of Flash tips, IMO.

Also, if you don’t want to read the NYTimes (free registration required), but want to read the Times, look here instead.

Found a new/old Mac site today that looks pretty interesting… Mac Net Journal, sort of a Mac blog of sorts.

Rael posted a link to the UNIX virus the other day and I forgot to link to it… it’s hilarious (hope I don’t get it, considering my OS is now UNIX based).

The question of the hour: Did you know that Microsoft pirated proprietary sourcecode and the sold it as their own? From the article:

The only authoritative report on the event was written by Lionel Berthomier and first published in the French paper, Le Monde Informatique. An English version was reprinted at PCWorldMalta on November 28, 2001 — about two months after the court’s decision. Both Le Monde Informatique and PCWorldMalta are affiliated with IDG, the parent of InfoWorld and LinuxWorld. Yet, neither of these sites published a word about Microsoft’s conviction on September 27,

Ethics and Values matter

Today, I read an interesting article on the Motley Fool about how to judge a stock’s value based on the Media Quotient of that stock. I’m really not interested in calculating the MQ of a stock, but, I am interested in this quote from the article:

When customers have a choice . . .76% of US consumers would switch brands based on a company’s image; 55% said they always take into account a company’s ethics and values when buying products or services; a Wall Street Journal survey found that ethics and values were the most important corporate attributes in assessing the value of a company.

Hmmm…. makes you think huh?